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  Employers- It is estimated that treating chronic conditions accounts for $425 billion in direct medical claim costs and $234 billion more in productivity losses.

As the nation's primary purchasers of healthcare, your efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle for your employees and your willingness to pay for it are among your best investments. Active@AnyAge Wellness Solutions can help you:

  • identify your high risk employees
  • provide education to improve health and change behavior
  • implement a safe and effective exercise program
  • capture, analyze and track employee health with online personal wellness snapshots for the employee and online aggregate reports for the employer
  • learn more from your insurance broker to analyze the newest options and reduce health care costs

Onsite Personal Wellness Assessments

  • Takes just 6 minutes per employee to capture blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and Body Mass Index
  • Fast, efficient and friendly where employee privacy is highly valued
  • Aggregate reports analyzing your company's high risk health areas and year to year comparisons
  • Personal Wellness Snapshots for each employee as well as tips for encouraging healthy living
  • Annual one hour Healthy Living Lecture tailored to your company after reviewing your aggregate reports
  • Competitive pricing, faster individual assessments and feedback, and customized service. Compare us other Health Risk Assessments (HRA's) available.

Active@AnyAge Lifestyle Centers-We believe that onsite corporate fitness centers are a great way to protect your investment - your employees. Our lifestyle wellness center provides a safe and effective way to workout by combining strength and cardiovascular fitness. Set up by licensed and experienced physical therapists, this 30 minute circuit allows your employee to workout safely and quickly - even on their lunch hour. By tracking blood pressure, heart rate and body mass index our fitness members have never been healthier and we have the testimonials to prove it.


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