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"As a professional baseball player, I was used to a very active lifestyle filled with exercise and friends. After retirement and several major surgeries, I became somewhat of a recluse, spending time alone reading and watching television and not feeling very energetic. I was introduced to Active@AnyAge Lifestyle Centers by my wife who thought it would be good for me. Since becoming a member several months ago, my life has changed. I no longer need knee surgery for my torn meniscus, and I look forward to my daily workouts. I socialize with other members, and I enjoy the certified personal trainers. More importantly, I have more energy and I feel better about myself."

Charles Stobbs, Age: 76

"I joined Active@AnyAge Lifestyle Center several months ago and my arthritis pain has subsided considerably. I haven't taken a pain pill since! I'm happy to report that I've even lost 5 lbs. I feel safely supervised with my certified personal trainer and have developed a camaraderie with other members. Exercise has never been more fun!"

Muriel Frame, Age: 85


"One day it happened.  My condition came to my attention.  I was huffing going up the stairs, exhausted walking from the store parking lot, and my wife was making jokes about what was hanging over my belt.  That day I checked out Active@AnyAge and quickly saw what it could do for me.  Now I can run up the stairs, lift all of my grandchildren and fit into last year's clothes.  The daily guidance of the personal trainers at Active@AnyAge has contributed to the effectiveness of my 30 minute workout and the success of my personal fitness plan.  It is enjoyable, friendly, spotlessly clean and above all it works.  I'm being reconditioned right before my eyes, and now I do all of my huffing at the lifestyle center."

Dr. Donald Struble, Age: 66

"The best prescription for a healthy living includes a commitment to physical fitness. I manage to balance my nutrition and make healthy lifestyle choices, but without Active@AnyAge my goals would fall short.  Hydraulic resistance training at Active@AnyAge for as little as 30 minutes a day noticeably increased my strength and endurance in just 3 months.  It also helps to reduce my stress.  Active@AnyAge is a refreshing change from the many fitness centers where televisions blare and foot traffic is distracting.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by this professionally managed lifestyle center.  Its low profile setting delivers a high quality product."

Susan Flanegin, Age: 52


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