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Share in our future Active@AnyAge is a privately held company led by a proven management team with a mission to establish ourselves as the premier adult lifestyle center in the world where fitness meets wellness. We remain steadfastly committed to growth while maintaining our uncompromising principles. From time to time, we will be seeking investors to share in our vision and enhance our long-term financial performance.

The Active@AnyAge Difference Active@AnyAge Lifestyle Centers were developed by a team of physical therapists interested in improving and monitoring the quality of life for their patients after discharge. Active@AnyAge is an exercise program where fitness meets wellness. Superior technology allows the member and their healthcare provider to track their progress online utilizing the “You Online” section on our website. Blood pressure, heart rate and the number of steps taken daily are just several examples of objective measurements that are monitored and tracked regularly.

An American Profile With 64.5% (129.6 million) of adult Americans overweight, it is probable that the US Healthcare spending will have reached 2.6 trillion dollars by the end of the decade.  Insurance reimbursement continues to decrease annually while a patient’s co-pay continues to increase, along with employers’ premiums. Healthcare providers are expected to continue to provide high quality care while receiving diminishing returns. The best way to lower costs and reduce demand is to improve health. The best way to improve health is to change behavior.

The Niche Fitness Market With 14.1 billion dollars in revenue, the fitness market has never looked better. US health club memberships are up to 39.4 million as of January 2004. The fastest growing segment is the specialty fitness market with low up front capital costs and operating expenses. Active@AnyAge is a fitness program that can generate generous cash with small membership numbers.

The Active@AnyAge Opportunity Active@AnyAge is offering healthcare professionals a chance to join us in building Lifestyle Centers around the country. With the latest in technology, a healthcare professional can provide their patients with a safer and more effective exercise program while monitoring their progress using the “You Online” section on our website. Plus a healthcare provider can immediately populate their lifestyle center by utilizing their patient database. Past, present and current patients make great fitness members. Plus the fundamental interaction between the patient and his or her physician improves dramatically. Building trusting relationships is essential for positive outcomes. 

Whether you are a shareholder or simply interested in learning more about Active@AnyAge, please contact Michael Miller at 800-928-6127 or via email at active@anyage.net




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