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Get your practice into better shape by becoming an owner of an Active@AnyAge Lifestyle Center. Our centers allow healthcare professionals to provide a safe and effective exercise program to their patients at low cost. Combining strength training and cardiovascular exercise, Active@AnyAge Lifestyle Centers are more than just a 30-minute work out program.  They are a way of life. Help your patients lose weight, reduce blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar levels and more with this simple circuit training program. 

Track your patient’s progress online with our unique software program, which allows you to view their health profile via the web. Blood pressure, heart rate and the number of steps taken daily are just several examples of objective measurements that are monitored and tracked regularly. By utilizing your patient database to fill your center quickly, you can enhance your relationship with your patient while improving their health. Building trusting relationships is essential for changing your patient’s behavior. Let Active@AnyAge Lifestyle Centers help build your practice and guide your patients towards a healthier lifestyle. For more information, please call Michael Miller at 800-928-6127.

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